Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fried Oat Prawns---A Remarkable Combination

This was a dish I was not familiar with growing up. It has become a popular dish in seafood restaurants along with other new variations of cooking prawns, such as butter, black pepper, kam heong and others in recent years.

Although its origin is hard to trace, it has strong connections to our colonial past. In fact, I remember having oats for breakfast when I lived with my grandparents. The aroma of oats was unmistakable; it permeated the whole house and was served in two versions: sweet or savoury, but always with an egg in it.

Cooking this dish was a breeze except in the preparation of the egg shreds---that took some practice. The control of the butter temperature was crucial: too hot and it becomes an omelette instantly; and if the butter is too cold, it turns into a sunny-side up without the yolk!

And, if you like a spicy touch, add some minced chilli together with the garlic and oats.

Happy cooking!

Fried Oat Prawns

Prawns                        500 g, trimmed and slit back
Oil                               2 cups
Egg yolks                   4, beat thoroughly
Evaporated milk         1 tbsp
Unsalted butter          5 tbsp
Garlic                           2 tbsp, minced
Oats                            3 tbsp

Salt                             ½ tsp
Sugar                          ½ tsp

1.    Heat oil and deep fry prawns until ¾ cooked. Drain thoroughly. Set aside.
2.    Mix egg yolks and evaporated milk well.
3.    Heat butter in low heat. Pour egg mixture into the butter and stir clockwise slowly until the butter is heated and the mixture begins to form fine shreds.
4.    Add oats and garlic and continue to cook for 30 seconds.
5.    Add prawns and seasoning, continue to stir until the prawns are cooked.
6.    Drain the prawns and egg shreds thoroughly, and dish.

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