Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stir-fried Chicken with Walnut – Grandpa’s Favourite Dish

Stir-fried chicken with walnut is a traditional recipe. While the origins of the dish are unknown, it was one of a handful of dishes shared by almost all people from the north to the south of China. Since walnuts and chicken used to be expensive, this dish was often served during celebratory meals.

I remember my grandpa loved this dish so much that it even the lack of teeth didn’t deter him from eating it. He would say to my grandma, “walnuts are good for the grandchildren. They are good for the brains and hopefully they will study well in school.” Subsequently, I found out that he spoke a half truth. The Chinese also believe that walnut promotes longevity. No wonder my grandpa lived into his mid-80s before passing on.

Stir-fried Chicken with Walnut
Blanched walnut
Walnut                      100 g
Peanut oil                 2 cup + 1½ tbsp
Chicken breast       300 g
Assorted pepper    ½ cup, cut into diamond shaped
Ginger                       4 slices
Garlic                         ½ tsp, minced
Sugar                         ½ tbsp.
Salt                             ½ tsp
Chinese wine          4 tbsp

Oil velveted chicken
Chicken marinate:
Chinese wine          ½ tbsp.
Soy sauce                ½ tbsp.
Salt                             ½ tsp
White pepper         a dash
Sesame oil               1 tsp
Corn flour                 ½ tbsp.

1.     Soak walnut in warm water for 30 minutes. Peel skin (optional). Drain till dry. Fry walnut in 75°C oil.  Increase heat gradually and fry till the nuts turn golden brown. Drain thoroughly. Set aside.
2.     Heat oil till hot. Blanch chicken meat for 1 minute (oil velveting) and drain thoroughly.
3.     Heat 1½ tbsp. of oil till smoking point. Quick fry vegetables till slightly charred. Meanwhile, add sugar and salt.
4.     Add chicken and continue to fry for another one minute. Pour Chinese wine.
5.     When the wine is about to evaporate completely, add walnut. Fry thoroughly.
6.     Serve hot.


  1. Looks yummy. .will try cooking it this weekend 😊

  2. Looks yummy. .will try cooking it this weekend 😊

  3. Walnuts are the must to eat. It not only encourage our mental processes to occur more favorably but promotes longevity for sure. Their outer appearance reminds the brains - it is a sign!

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